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  • Elaine Fristed & Carles FristedPosted on 2/05/23

    We need a contribution statement

  • craig thompsonPosted on 1/26/23

    unable to log in. Please show me how or send a copy of my contributions for2022

  • Mary HalversonPosted on 1/26/22

    Unable to get in.

  • Pat MurphyPosted on 1/22/22

    I am sorry. I need help. Could not figure out.

  • Betty ElsnerPosted on 1/21/22

    My registration was refused!

  • Peg KochPosted on 1/15/22

    Printed the Contribution Detail Statement. I am curious as to why it doesn't identify St. Ann Catholic Church on the sheet? Will this be enough for 2021 tax deduction for the IRS? thank You!

  • Helen RucksPosted on 1/15/22

    Need access to contribution page.

  • David BjerkePosted on 1/15/22

    Couldn't get on



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