Oct. 21st at 9:15am Financial Planning Presentation

Sep 11, 2018

Did you know EdVest can be used for grade school?  Did you know that you can donate to our parish, get the tax benefits now, and get income from your donation now? Did you know that you could donate to the parish without paying income tax on what you donate, if you donate out of an IRA?  Did you know that you could leave property to the parish? Do you know what happens if you do? These and many more questions will be answered by Jill McNally of our diocese and Lisa Fernholz of Edward Jones on Sunday, Oct 21st, at 9:15am in Healy Hall.  Pre-register by contacting our parish office by Monday, October 15th.  If we don’t have 20 people signed up, we may not the have the session.


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