• ​Immaculee IIibagiza
  • ​Immaculee IIibagiza
  • ​Immaculee IIibagiza
  • ​Immaculee IIibagiza
  • ​Immaculee IIibagiza
  • Romeo's lunch
  • Romeo's lunch
  • Romeo's lunch
  • Sr. Marla and Sr. Julia ~ women's CEW
  • Our Faith Stories ~ Jo Laffey
  • Our Faith Stories ~ Fr. David
  • Burning Palms for Ash Wednesday
  • Gracyalny Family Concert
  • Confirmation class with sponsors
  • kindergarten open house
  • Our Faith Stories ~ Brandee Wilker
  • Confirmation class with sponsors
  • confirmation class with sponsors
  • altar server brunch
  • Holy Family Icon - Knights of Columbus
  • Diocesan seminarians sing carols
  • St. Vincent de Paul luncheon
  • 4th graders make cookies for shut-ins
  • 4th graders make cookies for shut-ins
  • St. Ann School Advent Concert
  • Thanksgiving Helpers at Nazareth House
  • Our Faith Stories ~ Diane Neumeyer
  • Our Faith Stories ~ Mike Donahue
  • Fr. Randy, Maureen and Sylvia meet up in Rome
  • Laura Roeven - Faith Stories
  • Jim Bailey - Faith Stories
  • St. Vincent de Paul 25th anniversary
  • The Kleven Family
  • worship concert
Immaculee IIibagiza is a survivor from the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.  She survived by hiding in a 3x4 foot bathroom with seven other woman for 91 days.  After it was over, she emerged to find that all of her family, friends had been murdered along with 1 million other people.  She could have sought revenge, she could have filled her heart with hate.  What she did was to listen to God and forgive, and that made all the difference. 


She spoke recently at St. Ann's. She spoke with humility, with forgiveness and with love. God has shown us that if Immaculee, who had many reasons not to forgive, can forgive and love God can help us all to forgive and love.  

Fr. Randy
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